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SAG Elbud Gdańsk and SAG Elbud Kraków – Your partners for energy infrastructures.  

Substation references

Our services encompass the design and construction of new medium and high voltage substations as well as modernisation of existing substations, both indoor and outdoor. We also conduct renovation works, including emergency repairs.

Substation references

Contact persons

  • Piotr Bryńczak
    HV Substations
    SAG Elbud Gdańsk S.A.

    ul. Marynarki Polskiej 87
    80-557 Gdańsk

    Phone:+48 58-769-49-00
    Fax:+48 58-343-11-70

Customer Service
SAG Elbud Kraków Sp. z o.o.

ul. Płk. St. Dąbka 8
30-732 Kraków

Phone: +48 12-652-91-01
Phone: +48 12-652-92-00
Fax:     +48 12-653-21-86